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Free Online Prescription Writing Software in Bangladesh

ARTO's ePrescribe is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for electronic prescribing, designed to ensure you and your patients are covered every step of the way. Whether you are looking for free e-prescribing in Bangladesh to save your time and free you from your script pad forever, or advanced e-prescribing with all the latest features that keeps you up to date with regulatory mandates, ARTO's ePrescribe is the proven choice used by over many prescribers for hundreds of millions every year.

ARTO's e-Prescribing software can run stand-alone makes prescription writing a snap. Sending prescriptions electronically has never been easier no matter what device you're on - desktop, tablet, or phone. Easily find drugs, check Rx histories and PMPs, get real-time prescription benefit info, prescribe using favorite lists, etc.

Top Features of ePrescription in Bangladesh

1. E-Prescription
2. Ease of Use, Accessible through tablet, mobile & computer
3. Write prescriptions through scribbling, typing, tap & select
4. Customizable Templates
5. Drug Reference Database
6. Formula Management
7. Medication History
8. Records Management
9. Cloud, Saas, Web-based
10. Appointment Scheduling
11. Easy to re-prescribe
12. Print on your desired page/Pad Of Paper
13. Customize printable page size
14. Medication Alerts/Warnings
15. Send Prescription to Patient using Email

Benefits For Doctors using online precription writing software in Bangladesh

1. Save time – almost 70% (as per our users’ feedback) and consult 4-6 more patients every day
2. Increase Compliance, reduce errors
3. Get all your patient data digitized and use it for promotions & analytics, as required

PRICE of ePrescription in Bangladesh

It's a Free Online Prescription Writing Software in Bangladesh.
Available Free to use


1. Email/Help Desk
2. Knowledge Base
3. Phone Support
4. Chat

TRAINING to use free online prescription writing software in Bangladesh

1. In Person
2. Live Online
3. Documentation
4. Videos


ARTO Bangladesh makes prescription writing a snap. Pick single, multiple or compound prescriptions, check for drug interactions and medication history, and directly e-prescribe using an iPhone, iPad or web. Contact us today to use free e-presciption software in Bangladesh.

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